Jokes on sicknesses and disorders.

The amount of comments and “jokes” I hear and read that have to do with diseases disgust me.

A few of many examples:

1. “This onion is so squishy!” “It must have herpes!”

2. “It’s so hot! My long hair makes it even worse! Lucky of those who have cancer and their hair fell off!”

3. “Class, what would happen if Mike had 10 bags of sweets and ate 8 and a half of them?” “He’d get diabetes!”

4. “Eew… that girl’s so anorexic!”

5. “I heard he’s having problems with his wife.” “Must be gonorrhoea!”

6. “Why is this seat a bit wet?” “Someone must have urine incontinence!”

7. “I’m going to go to the corner to read my book.” “Stop being so autistic!”

8. “I don’t know why I’m so down today.” “Quit being so bipolar!”

9. “I’ll make you regret that so badly you’ll cut your wrists off!”



I don’t care what type of physical or mental illness it’s about. Things like these should never be said! I can’t stress this enough. Comments like these just make me want to cry.

Some people actually suffer from sicknesses you may think are “funny”. Physically and psychologically, especially because of such stupid statements that they come across.

The person that you’re saying that to might actually have that problem. Or maybe someone who was passing by has or had it. Or one of their loved ones or friends.

Please be careful of what you say. Words hurt.


2 thoughts on “Jokes on sicknesses and disorders.

  1. Blush says:

    You’re right. It’s important to be sensitive of those around us.


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