Razor on the side of the road.

I once saw a razor on the floor on the side of the road, close to a park where lots of people go to. I saw it when I was crossing the street and it made me stop and stare at it. Two things passed my mind:
1. “Get it and keep it. You might need it. It’s pretty sharp. You’re lucky to find it.”
2. “Throw it away! What if someone finds it and uses it to cut themselves?”

I didn’t do either, for when a car was coming close to me my cousin pulled me to the other side of the road. Could I have been killed by a car crash because of staring at a razor? That’s such a weird thought.

I feel disgust towards myself for thinking about keeping it to cut again. Good thing it was just for that moment for I’m not thinking so much about self injuring any more.
But I can’t help imagining why that razor was there. Was is used? By whom? For what? Was it thrown away or lost? What will happen to it?

God forbid anyone uses it for injuring themselves or anyone. Amen.



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