Does truth exist?

To put you, oh reader, on track with what I’m thinking about, let us take a familiar phenomenon into perspective: gravity. Gravity is real. It is a fact and exists. Right? Well, according to science books and my teachers, yes. But what if, maybe, it’s just another *concept* that is so far “true” – until another theory comes because of a phenomenal that takes all the predictability away from the once known concept of “gravity”, proving it to be wrong and “old way of thinking”. Maybe what we know as “gravity” doesn’t exist after all, but is stated as “true” because believing that such a force exists eliminates lots of questions (such as “Why don’t we continue going upwards when we jump?” and “What holds the solar system together?”)

Some “truths” and “facts”, for example, that have “changed” according to men’s knowledge, are the numbers of planets in our Solar System, the existence of Atlantis and who build the Egyptian pyramids. What was once considered “true” about some things aren’t any more, and people base that on science. That being said, is it possible for all “truth” to change? If yes, would it be “truth” at all? Does “truth” even exist? If so, maybe only to certain people, cultures, and in a specific period of time – making it “true” to some, but not to others. And so “truth” may have more base in *faith* than we realise. So, for example, one saying that they believe in *evolution* bases that on the same amount of truth AND faith than another person that says they believe in *creationism*. Well, that changes things, doesn’t it? Through this thinking, atheists would not be right in saying that they believe in the truth and Christian simply believe by faith, but can’t prove anything. Science isn’t wrong – it’s right! But the only supreme Scientist that knows everything is God, for He isn’t just a scientist, He is also the Creator!

Humans are curious creatures – they want to know about (and be sure of) everything. But, believing God is a *Higher Being* means that we cannot simply place God in a box and analyse Him. In fact, that’s something that the study of Theology itself tries to do and can’t. It’s like saying science can give us the meaning of supernatural things that occur without *divine intervention*. – It can’t! I’m a Christian and find it easier to believe that God exists and is the Truth than to believe in what humans – no matter how much of a genius they are – claim to be “true” by their own mundane knowledge. Not only because of what I’ve just said, but also because I feel God’s presence in my life and have experienced many miracles that are said to be “impossible” by men. Please understand that I’m trying to explain the unexplainable here. Each and every one has to find the Truth for themselves. And as someone who already has found it and lives by it, I can say that it’s wonderful!

“Then you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.” – John 8:32 


2 thoughts on “Does truth exist?

  1. ediddydub says:

    Wow, I love your thoughts on this subject. I studied and practice as a systemic marriage and family therapist, and the foundation on which we studied was exactly that, the fact that there is no “Truth.” It was the hardest thing for me to swallow because I know that there is a Truth (being God), but that His existence cannot be scientifically proven under a microscope. Though others may have a “truth” by which they live by, there’s no guarantee that said truth will exist 5 minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, or generations from now because somebody will eventually prove the previous wrong or alter it somehow. Regardless, though, God’s word will ALWAYS stand, and that’s why I can rely on God’s Truth to be THE Truth. And by faith, I can stand on His Truth, based on myself being the PROOF of His existence. 😀

  2. Oh wow! Those studies must have been amazing, but at the same time very disturbing. Maybe that’s why God has so many names and titles (+900) – like Creator, Almighty, Everlasting, Mighty, Alpha and Omega -: so that we don’t have to doubt that He is the Way, the TRUTH and the Light! Glory to God!


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