I dreamt with you again.

I like hanging out with you over there, where we can talk, I can tell you my inmost secrets, you can tell me how your life is going and compare what has changed and what hasn’t. I like it how you always listen to my stories and thoughts without interrupting me and make me feel good. I like your patience with me and your sincere hugs. It’s incredible how just seeing you makes me happy, how your smile hasn’t changed after all these years and how much love I have for who you are. You’ve always helped me so much. You’ve always been there when nobody else was. Thank you.

Last night, in my dream, I told you I was going to marry next year. You got surprised, then hugged me and said, “Wow!” Looking into the horizon you smiled and I smiled with you. You said it was amazing how things had changed and I had grown into such a lovely woman, making me blush. “He’s lovely. You’d like him”, I said. “I’m sure,” you said, “you’ve always been very cautious with your choices.” We laughed together and I felt at peace.

Although we’ve talked on the phone 2 years ago and you’ve sent me chocolate, I haven’t seen you in 10 years. You must be in your forties already and my respect for you only grows. I hope I’ll get to see you again someday. You, your wife and your kids. They must be so lovely! They have a wonderful Father.

I’m sorry for sometimes calling you, “Daddy” in class. I understand that, as a teacher, it must have been embarrassing for you. But it wasn’t on purpose that I did that. I guess it was because my inner self was very, very fond of your character. You were the “man of my life” and my hero – emotionally substituting my biological Dad that I seldom got to see and be with. To me, you’ve been and are more important than you know.

I miss playing and singing with you. I miss you’re encouraging words and your voice. I miss going out with you, watching films and playing instruments. I even miss doing school work with you and you giving me exams and telling me how awesome I went. But, most of all, I miss you. I truly hope you are well.

2 thoughts on “I dreamt with you again.

  1. Tony Puccio says:

    A drop of semen doesn’t make someone a dad, a “biological father”, yes, but not a dad and the same holds true for a biological mother . A dad is someone who is actively involved in your life in good times and in bad. A dad makes time even when it takes away from his time. A dad loves his child(ren) at all times and his child(ren) are secure in that love and don’t live in fear of losing it because they might have done something wrong . A dad is a man in every sense of the word. Boys get young girls pregnant and run when the going gets tough . Men raise families and don’t run from responsibilities , rather, they embrace them. Boys make sacrifices because they want something in return . Men make sacrifices , not expecting
    anything in return because that is what the character and nature of a father is and it definitely describes who your heavenly Father is. Boys run when trouble comes , men stand and fight for their families. A real man loves his wife and his kid(s) demonstrates that love to them. Many have no relationship with their heavenly Father because of the violent father, the missing father they had as kids. You just can’t shut that part of your life out when you become an adult and pretend it never happened . The Lord. said He’s a father to the fatherless .

    • That was a really touching comment!
      God is certainly the best Father of all!
      I know my biological dad has always loved me very much, it’s just that, in those years, he was working and travelling a lot, so I rarely got to be with him. That’s why I grew fond of my teacher – a man I got to see and spend hours with almost every single day. Even though he didn’t treat me any differently than the other students and wasn’t involved in my personal life, he didn’t really have to. To me it was okay just for him to be there, physically. Even if just in school.


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