Things I will not do/say to/about my spouse.

  • Argue in front of the children or anybody else.
  • Swear.
  • Curse anything, any date, anyone, or God.
  • Tell my spouse to kill me if I ever did the errors they did.
  • Say something sarcastically with the intention of making the other person a fool.
  • Hit or push them angrily.
  • Say something bad about my spouse to anyone (including my children).
  • Complain about money issues selfishly.
  • Take pride in making more money than they do.
  • Dare them to leave.
  • Tell them you’ve just not committed suicide because of the life you live with them because for the children’s sake.
  • Blame them for my depression or the children’s depression.
  • Say they don’t help out with anything.
  • Give back evil with evil.
  • Complain in the car, with the kids having nowhere to go.
  • Make them cry.
  • Tell them their clothes are horrible in a mean way.
  • Tell them they look terrible because of anything (like acne).
  • Tell them they have no reason to be sad.
  • Tell them to eat everything because people in a certain place have nothing to eat.
  • Compare them in an offensive way.
  • Say someone else is better than them.
  • Say that when I die there would be a huge queue of people wanting to marry them.
  • Complain about personal things with the visitors just so my spouse feels bad.


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