Facebookian emotions

If you, like me, have made various assumptions of the Facebook lifestyle, I highly reccomend the reading of this post by Jonathan Sherwin.

Christians, I believe, should keep watch on their online selves. Not just on what they post, like and comment on, but also on what feelings they are having by just viewing other people’s pictures and reading what they say. Emotions are very important, and if you’ve been feeling un-Godly ones, be careful! Do not cause your eyes to make you sin. On the first jealousy, greed or anger feeling you have because of something you’ve seen, you should close the web page, pray about it immediately and ask God for help. If need be, abstain from Facebook (or whatever social networking page it is) for a while until the Holy Spirit tells you you’re ready to use it again. I believe God can use Facebook for the good, but we, as Christians, have to have our full armour on so that we are prepared for whatever attacks our integrity.

There was a time when I was feeling so bad because of Facebook that God told me to shut down my account, have a time out (of a few months) and re-do everything later, really thinking about who to add and being very wise with my time on it and what I clicked on, read or felt. It has done me much good.

2 thoughts on “Facebookian emotions

  1. Given says:

    how do we notice that we r being attackd or traced over facebook?

    • From the content of my post I assume you mean being attacked spiritually or emotionally, not directly by someone via message or post or picture (doing that to you to hurt you specifically). Well, basically, you’ll feel bad, uneasy, unstable. You can go from a good to awful or happy to sad mood quickly when you see or read a specific thing. There can be those people that just post awful and unhelpful things all the time like swear words or pictures of lots of skin or of sexual content, which isn’t at all good. Or, even, people that post satanic contents. Or, you feel jealosy, anger, lust, etc towards something or someone.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “traced”, though. Do you mean being stalked? If so, you can’t really tell. Even if they’re liking and commenting on everything, they could do that to everyone or all their family members and friends, or maybe they just went through your whole account just for a few minutes and never went back, or it’s their way of saying they miss you, etc. Sorry if I haven’t answered what you asked.


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