Near-death experiences – personal encounters with demons 1

These situations happened about 3 years ago, in the midst of my strong depressive years and moments. I hope they can encourage some and open the eyes of others. I sincerely do not remember the order in which they happened. In all cases, before they happened, I was feeling very suicidal.


1. Blood on the sheets.

I laid down on my bed and felt lots of difficulty in breathing. I looked around and saw a black ghost-like presence around my room. I could hear the word “suicide” being repeated very strongly, in my head and also from my surroundings. I felt very afraid and reached for my sheets that were at the end of my bed. As I was going to put them on I smelt blood and realised it was coming from my sheets. There was no blood on them but they smelt like blood all over. I began praying (in my mind, for I could not speak) and the word “suicide” became stronger. I sensed that someone close to me was going to commit suicide, so I started praying for everyone in my family, one by one. Then as the feeling didn’t leave, I started praying about some friends that I remembered. But the word “suicide” only grew stronger. Then I heard something saying “you” various times and I started crying because I was “caught” wanting to commit suicide. Then I prayed for God to help me and take those demons away, and He did. The blood smell also stopped and I could cover myself.

The next day in school I found out a boy my age had committed suicide. He was in the same class that I was a year ago, but I didn’t know him and had never seen him. His name is the same as my name (just taking the end “a” away) and he is the same age as me. That was the first time I experienced the “substitution theory”, where when a death or accident is about to happen and someone prays for it not to, it happens to someone else, normally with some “coincidences”. In this case, it was supposed to be me, but as I prayed, it was passed to someone else. I believe God allowed me to pray for my relatives and some friends so it would not be passed on to them, for a few days later, I heard my uncle was wanting to kill himself but did not.

After this happened I heard of a story in which a demon appeared when some people were crowded around a person that had died. A few people saw the demon, one of which told me the story. The demon was waiting to get that person and take him to hell. But, that person’s wife saw the demon and started shouting that it could not take him, because she wanted her husband alive. The demon then said that he had to take someone down today and that man was the one, but that if she wanted, he could leave him and take her instead. She then told him he could take him, for she didn’t want to die. That’s the theory of substitution, in practise.


4 thoughts on “Near-death experiences – personal encounters with demons 1

  1. Demons lie. Their master is the father of lies. This substitution theory is garbage. The demon would be out there looking for another victim asap. (someone else susceptible to the fiery darts, I believe thoughts are the speech of the spirit world). I am also not convinced people who suicide go to hell. Whether you believe in Jesus and that he died for you is the only requirement to enter heaven.

    • Demons do lie, but in this case (and others) I believe they were just explaining what was happening. They are submitted to Satan, and they have to obey the tasks Satan asks them to do otherwise there will be consequences. For example, if a demon is supposed to stay in someone’s body for a certain amount of time, but before that time ends a christian casts it out, the demon desperately needs to find someone else’s body as a substitute in order to accomplish its task, and they’ll try to find someone that meets certain requirements or is similar to the first person, depending on what their mission is. I named it “substitution theory” for lack of other term, sorry about not explaining it properly. In the Bible we have the case of a legion of demons being cast out by Jesus, and they beg Him to send them somewhere other than where they came from, so Jesus sent them into the pigs. (The demons feared going back not having fulfilled their tasks.) Hope that clears things up a bit on what I meant.

      I agree about what you said about suicide, especially after having suicidal experiences. I was and am sure that if I died then I’d go to heaven, even by committing suicide, but God had other plans for me, therefore I lived on. Lots of people are too quick to say that all of those who kill themselves go to hell (using the breaking of one commandment as a back-up), so thank you for not being one of them!

      • The blood of Jesus is an amazing thing. When we are born again, we are born of incorruptible seed. incorruptible means cannot be corrupted. Doesn’t matter what we do afterwards, but people who suicide need to know that what they are doing is depriving the rest of us of their life, experiences, soul. Their presence. We are the ones who suffer the loss and are diminished. They are so precious and beyond value. regardless of what this world or the evil spirits tell them. That is the tragedy.

        • Very true! It’s such a complex situation that my heart has a special love and care for. Having been in their place, I know what goes through their mind. They need lots of love and prayer, not being kicked aside and pointed at, which too many people sadly do.


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