Near-death experiences – personal encounters with demons 3

3. Demon in the dream.

I’ve always had dreams where a demon would appear and I had to fight them with swords or words, and cast them out in the name of Jesus and they’d leave, but this time it was different. In my dream, I saw a demon coming towards me and I could not move or say anything and I had lost all my energy and felt hopeless. Normally when this happens, after some time rebuking it in the name of Jesus in my mind, my voice would finally come out and it would leave, but this time I had no strength at all. I prayed to God telling Him that I could not take it anymore, that either He teach me how live or take me away from this world, and as my strength and voice did not come, I prayed specifically for God to take me, for me to die, for Him to allow me to die in my sleep, because I could not even fight this demon and I no longer wanted to live, and that I wanted to be with Him and could not take living on Earth any longer, that it was too difficult for me. At that moment, I could feel as if I was about to die and at the same time I felt very loved by God and then suddenly I woke up with my dad kneeling beside my bed in tears praying to the Lord. When I woke up he told me not to die and that he asked God not to take me then. It was an overwhelming moment I cannot put into words.


2 thoughts on “Near-death experiences – personal encounters with demons 3

  1. This sounds so much like my experiences with my daughter it is not funny. Thank God you did not give in. And thank God you had a father willing to fight for you. Your experience with God is exactly what he is like. Another prophet I respect describes God’s character as extremely affectionate towards us.
    My daughter was assaulted by a demon once. It was night time and my wife and I had just finished watching a movie. My daughter started screaming (she was three or four at the time) We ran to her bedroom. She was sitting up in bed crying, but still sleeping. She was in a trance. At first we thought it was only night terrors so we tried to wake her. We could not. I tried wetting her. No effect. So I did the only thing I knew how to do. Pray. As soon as I did she started screaming again, and this time told me to stop praying because it hurts. That’s when I knew she was being assaulted.
    I kept on praying. But the demon would not stop. She kept screaming. I was at a loss. I knew I had to keep going for my little girl to be free.
    I started praying in another language (tongues) and the very second I did, she stopped screaming and fell into a peaceful sleep. It was like I flipped a switch or something. It was that sudden. Afterwards I continued in English and told the entity it had no right to be here and for it to leave and never come back. I told it three times (Repetition in the word of god emphasizes importance and if something is emphasized three times then it is of penultimate importance)
    She is now 11 and has never had that experience again. The next morning I asked her if she remembered. She remembered everything. That’s when I discovered there was more than one and they kept saying rude things to her, naughty things (in her words) and it felt like they were drilling into her head with her words (painful).
    Thank God he has given us total victory over these horrid things.

  2. If God hadn’t told my father I was in danger so that he could pray for me, I believe that would’ve been the end of me.
    What an experience you had with your daughter! The demons are so evil, not even a child do they leave alone. I’m glad you managed to handle the situation. When a demon comes, we must rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ, for He told us to. Jesus didn’t tell us to pray that it’d go away – He told us to cast it out!
    We, indeed, are victorious through our Lord!


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