The end is now!

This is a dream I had a few years ago. (Because of my depression episode, it is very hard for me to distinguish between the years, so I’m sorry about not knowing when I had this dream.)

I was in the middle of a park. It was night time and all around me I saw horrible things happening, such as people being raped, hurting and killing each other, cursing, robbing, screaming and fighting. Many horrid scenes all happening at once. There were lots of people doing these things, along with lots of victims. I felt confused and afraid and desperately wanted to ask someone what was happening. As I looked for someone that was not participating in any of these things, I saw something (in a tall, strong, human form, wearing black) that was just watching everything happen. I remember thinking it was a demon, but not being sure. As I was so desperate to talk to someone, I asked it, and it didn’t respond immediately. It just looked around at the things that were happening with a sad and disturbed expression and afterwards said things to me like, “Don’t you people see? You don’t notice us! You don’t care! It is like we are doing these things in vain! Urrrrgh!” It then started walking/gliding with me and suddenly we were in the middle of a church temple, where lots of people were congregating. Some were singing and very happy, some had their hands in the air, some were day dreaming, some were bored. There was also a pastor in front of the congregation saying that the end was going to happen some time in the near future. I could see through the walls of this church, and all the bad things were happening at the same time and I tried to find someone in the church that saw the same thing as me, but found nobody. I thought to myself, “These people are blind! They don’t see what’s going on!” The creature then came in front of me (I was the only one that could see it) and started shouting very angrily, “You keep saying that the end is coming, but you don’t see! You don’t know! It’s not coming! It’s happening right now! This is it! The end of times is NOW!”

And then I woke up from this very disturbing nightmare-dream which I still don’t know the true meaning/motive of. It either had a scaring or awaring purpose… or both. Do you think we’re living in the end of times?

May God set us apart and protect us from this world that’s full of sin and tragedy, delivering us from the evil that’s all around.


4 thoughts on “The end is now!

  1. Do you want some feedback on this? Or is it something you want out there without comment?

  2. Okay, this is most definitely a dream from God. It’s what I call a diagnostic one. Basically, it’s a dream that tells you something is wrong with someone or something. The other type is declarative, that’s the one you get to share. A Diagnostic might be a declarative, but it’s not always the case.
    The meaning seems pretty obvious to me. Best explained by a song from Stephen Curtis Chapmen.

    “I talk to you, you talk to me
    We speak our own language
    These common truths that we believe are like a warm inviting fire we gather around
    But there’s a danger lurking here
    Inside this place of comfort
    we’ve got to go out in the dark
    cause there’s a hungry heart
    longing just to know
    someone cares enough to go
    out there
    Someone needs a friend
    Who’ll walk against the wind
    To a place that’s strange and unfamiliar
    Out there
    where all of us have been
    until love brings us in
    who will go and be a friend
    out there.”

    The dream could be for you, which I doubt because from what I’ve read about you, you are definitely wiling to go out there 🙂 Most probably it was for someone else. If it were me I’d ask God who it was for. And then make sure they saw it. And that might be here in person or on face book. Or you might just share it with them over a cup of tea.
    A good example of this is a word from God game me about one of my friends, No names of course.
    He showed me this friend of mine is the way he is because of childhood abuse, As a coping mechanism, his personality split and he is totally unaware. He knows something is wrong, but not what. And is mad God doesn’t heal him. As of today, I cant share this with them. So I just use the information to love them and be a good friend through some significant mental, intrapersonal, and belief issues. One day I might share with them. But right now all I do is pray and be a friend out there.
    Another good example of a diagnostic which is also a declarative is one someone gets up the front of the church and declares someone to have a problem with headaches, or who wants a baby and is having issues, or has a bad back etc etc. Come up for prayer.
    A lot of the times when God gives you a diagnostic, what you pray over the other person is the opposite. Example: God lets you know the guy has serious sexual addiction problems. You don’t declare that over him because he will be embarrassed, and hurt. You declare holiness and purity over his life. Thus building him up and giving him hope.
    I hope this has been helpful to you. Sorry it’s so long. Hearing from God is one of the things I love, and love talking about. I wish everyone were hearing from him they way we do. Would make the world a lot better.

    • Honestly, I hadn’t thought too much about the possibility of it being for someone else because when I have a diagnostic vision or dream I at once know it’s not for me, and usually God specifically signals who it’s for. But in the case of this dream, I wasn’t sure.

      Come to think of it, the last time I shared this dream (about 2 weeks ago), I sensed the person really needed to hear it. It was a random person I didn’t know and she was a pastor. I don’t know why I felt to share that with her, since I had only told that it to family and one friend and I’m not the type of person who just tells people they’ve just met and will probably never see again their spiritual dreams from a long time ago. But I did tell her, she got the message and afterwards I felt a sensation of peace and achievement somehow, which I didn’t understand. Now reading what you’ve said has definitely made me think that the message was for her. It’s a funny thing, though, because I had this dream years ago. Maybe it was for other people (and myself) too.

      What an interesting experience you’ve had with your friend. It’s a good thing to be connected to the Holy Spirit!

      Thank you very much for your comment and time to write it out. God bless!


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