A poem on womanhood, periods and the birth control pill.

My uterus is currently suffering from a voluminous disjunction that even makes my eyes hurt. Standing up and even sitting down is difficult – hence my lousy posture trying to blog whilst half-lying down. So, I thought of writing a poem about it – as any normal person would. Enjoy!

Period Pondering

Good blood, healthy blood.
Blood that’s part of me.
Blood that’s life, now leaving
As red as brown can be.

Bye, blood – my blood.
So natural to observe.
Blood that came from deep inside
My uterus’ curve.

Stop it! Don’t cringe!
Don’t judge and don’t hate.
It’s natural for females.
That God did create.

We’re special. And loved.
And have a special gift.
Of carrying a baby.
When it is our due shift.

But meanwhile as we wait.
Please be patient and kind.
Our calendar must be
In God’s plan aligned.

It’s wonderful to be like this.
Just as God intended.
So right now all I wish is
To not be reprimanded.

For not taking pills.
And not being like a “he”.
After all, the choice is mine.
And I choose being… me!

The end.

So there you go! Hope you liked it!

I don’t like it when people joke about woman being on their period or PMSing. Or treating it as disgusting or bad and giving the birth control pill “solution”. Currently I’ve been hearing lots of women defending the pills and trying to get more girls to use them just because it’s “cool” to have control over your body (not because of acne or any other treatment)… people from church, I must add. *sighs*

I might blog again about godly femininity and why I chose not to take birth control pills. I think it’s a great subject to talk about that should be more discussed.

Anyway, shout out to all the ladies out there that are currently in pain for being on their period… You rock! God is with us!

3 thoughts on “A poem on womanhood, periods and the birth control pill.

  1. Euphonos says:

    Love this.. thanks for sharing…

  2. I used to have horrendous cramps with mine. Could barely even walk, the pain was so great. (Birth control pills did not help at all.) Till one day the Lord told me to start singing in tongues. It sounded like gibberish, and yes, I felt kind of silly as I sang under my breath, but it really does help. Now I am able to walk again when I have it…

    Blessings to you,
    C. Dunamis


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