He’s coming! :D

As most of you know, I’m in a long distance relationship with my fiancée. We’ve met online and live 5000 miles apart. He’s booked his ticket to come and see me and I’ve been preparing for his arrival on Tuesday morning. Yesterday, when we were chatting, he said he had something he had been keeping as a secret from me, something that he’s been working on for several months, wanted be a big surprise and figured he’d tell me on Saturday (today). I got really excited and tried to guess what it was, but failed. The only thing I could think of that matched what he’d said was him being pregnant – an alternative that’s obviously impossible due to him being male. In other words, I had no idea and had to sleep with those doubts in my head, waiting for him to call me on FaceTime at 6am (10am there) so he could tell me the news. He called me and I was really eager to know what it was. He said he wanted to tell me today because he knows how much I hate the weekends and wanted to make this one better. (I hate the weekends, by the way, because I spend the whole of them in my room studying. I never go out or do anything fun and that means I have to take all the fighting that goes on at home. I don’t have any friends either, so when I go to university from Monday to Friday I feel like I’m doing something right and not so alone. To me, Fridays are dreadful.) Anyway! The news, my dear friends, was that he is arriving tomorrow. Tomorrow! I couldn’t believe it. He had already packed his bag and was heading to the airport as soon as he told me the news. I, of course, started crying like a little baby. He had told my parents and his family that he had anticipated the flight but for them to not tell me. He had also emailed me a false itinerary with switched dates some time ago. I know it may seem a bit silly to people since it’s just a 3-day change, but guys, to me this is HUGE. You see, every day is a huge struggle for me to survive. Simply keeping on living takes a huge amount of effort to me – especially during the weekends. So knowing he’ll be here tomorrow is such a relief! We haven’t seen each other since January! If he had kept it as a secret all the way and surprised me here at home it’d be somewhat dangerous for my health, for I’m taking medication for panic syndrome and could possibly have a panic attack, so yeah. This is all so unreal! He’s on the the plane now. My tummy is full of butterflies! I love him so much. :’) ❤

PS: Sorry about the diverse and random usage of verb tenses. I can’t really think straight right now. alskdfjhdsjgkdsakfj